Driver Behavior Model R&D

Our team is capable of Original Designing of automotive core parts. Based on the this core technology, We are able to develop the essential technology that will solve the problem of Smart Driving(Automated Driving) on the path to SOP.

The only DBM that enables simulation test to replace billions of miles of real road testing: our self-developed algorithm is based on prediction and decision making models, not only does it fill the blanks of automated driving simulation industry, but also are the only interactive simulation vehicles in the environment(which is also a technical bottleneck for technologies that relies purely on AI), only the effective simulation test can save the customers billions of R&D fees.

The only comprehensive Automated Driving test and evaluation systems: Our system experts based on algorithm can evaluate every decision making and control actions from the criteria of safety, efficiency, comfort, economy. We can also offer specific, quantified and realistic solutions that are optimized, in the end we provide great value in road verifying and evaluation releasing.


Driver Behavior Model Introduction

Our DBM supports Vehicle Models and Simulation Environment that are developed by mainstream tools, its signal, data and interactive portal supports all mainstream complaisance. It also can be extended according to different applications, the backstage database can be deployed to cloud server, and incorporated into the vehicles and environment as well as testing on the server.

Driver Behavior Model R&D Process

Firstly, through ample amount of tests, logical rationale and algorithm optimization, we developed System Expert Behavior Model. Thus model include Efficiency Priority Mode, Economic Mode, Comfort Mode, Conservative Mode and so on. Then it be customized into different Driver Models according to different style, habit, mood factors. Our model is testified and adjusted based on actual data from road testing to achieve iteration and optimization.






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